Founded in 2011, Corvus Ecological Consulting, LLC employs a highly trained staff to provide comprehensive natural resources consulting services including wildlife research, geospatial analysis and database development and management. We specialize in providing services focused around the Endangered Species Act (ESA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Corvus Ecological Consulting performs wildlife surveys and mitigation services for research based projects, conservation efforts and development-based compliance. We take pride in reliable and responsive customer-client communication while providing an exceptional level of job performance.

About Corvus Ecological Consulting

Corvus Ecological Consulting, LLC (CEC) is a fully-insured, independently owned biological consulting firm located in Flagstaff Arizona. We are a registered contractor with the California Secretary of State and perform work throughout the southwest, including California and Nevada. CEC is a registered small business through the System for Award Management (SAM).

While much of our work has an avian-focused emphasis, we also employ biologists with decades of experience with desert tortoise surveys and handling, botanical surveys, post-construction avian impact monitoring, species inventories and construction compliance monitoring. We perform Habitat Assessments for proposed development and to determine the suitability of potential mitigation lands. CEC is the Land Manager for conservation easements, and we have performed biological surveys and conducted compliance monitoring in numerous habitat types.

We have served as the “Avian Resource Lead” and “Raven Compliance Manager,” performing surveys and monitoring support on multiple utility-scale renewable energy sites and linear utility projects. CEC has written and successfully implemented numerous biological resource management plans including, Raven Management Plans, Burrowing Owl Management Plans, Bird and Bat Conservation Strategies and Avian Mortality and Monitoring Plans. Whether we are working on the largest photovoltaic energy generating facility in North America or conducing raven surveys for the Renewable Energy Action Team, CEC uses the most qualified staff to produce consistent and accurate results; earning the trust of Land Managers, Regulators and Project Developers.

Our office also provides Geographic Information System (GIS) services, custom-tailored data collection methods and database management. CEC has the experience and expertise to streamline data capture and analysis for reporting purposes. CEC specializes in developing electronic data collection methods using multi-platform devices that incorporate data validation to produce efficient data input while reducing user errors and discrepancies. Customized electronic data forms are tailored for specific project needs. Database queries can be used to output consistent results into client requested templates and summaries. Our data management and GIS team has 15 years of experience managing data and creating data management systems for various federal and private entities.

We are integrated into a web of biological resource professionals and can collaborate working relationships with minority and women-owned business entities.

What We Do

Our team of project managers, field biologists and office staff are equipped to handle a wide variety of natural resource projects. Corvus Ecological Consulting is ready to assist your company or agency to ensure that wildlife and resource protection measures and assessments are implements to the highest standards. CEC has the knowledge and experience to facilitate project development while maintaining resource protection and minimizing environmental impacts.


Corvus Ecological Consulting performs wildlife surveys and conducts Habitat Assessments and population analysis. This work includes both research and development focused projects. Surveys can be species-specific or general; based on project needs, goals and objectives. Do not hesitate to contact CEC for a project consultation to ensure that you are getting the most cost-effective approach to conducting environmental surveys and habitat assessments.


Corvus Ecological Consulting has experience performing construction monitoring and compliance oversight on a multitude of development-based projects. CEC has performed construction monitoring on utility-scale renewable energy projects as well as linear utility corridors. Our efforts and involvement have resulted in the successful completion of numerous high-profile projects without delays or unnecessary costs due to natural resource compliance issues. Let our expertise facilitate project development while maintaining resource protection.


Many biological resource issues are not realized until a project has been fully constructed and enters into an operation and maintenance phase. Additional costs associated with operation phase tasks can catch Operators and Owners off-guard. Collected data and impact assessments during this period can be an important factor used to inform future efforts within the industry. Let Corvus Ecological Consulting provide you with a cost-competitive quote for Avian Fatality Monitoring and other operation phase biological resource tasks that can help avoid unintended consequences down the road.

Our Projects

The following includes an assortment of current and recent projects.


Corvus Ecological Consulting is the Land Manager for a conservation easement in Kern County, California. Management duties for the Alta Oak Creek Mojave Mitigation Conservation Area are intended to ensure that these lands continue to maintain their core conservation values over time. The conservation easement includes two properties near the town of Mojave, in the western Mojave Desert and foothills of the Tehachapi Mountains. Species of interest on these properties include Mojave desert tortoise and Bakersfield cactus.


Since 2013, Corvus Ecological Consulting has performed Common Raven and raptor nest identification and monitoring within Desert Wildlife Management Areas, lands administered by the National Park Service and desert tortoise Critical Habitat Units in Southern California. These projects aim to study the interaction and effects of Common Ravens on desert tortoise populations, while gaining a better understanding of raven population dynamics and human-provided subsidy use. Project results can be used to inform the “Environmental Assessment to Implement a Desert Tortoise Recover Plan Task: Reduce Common Raven Predation on Desert Tortoise” issued by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, March 2008.


Corvus Ecological Consulting performs habitat assessments within land parcels that are being considered as habitat mitigation to offset the impacts of utility-scale renewable energy development in California’s eastern deserts. These assessments ensure that habitat characteristics of the mitigation land are of a suitable quality to offset habitat loss due to project development.


During construction of the Stateline Solar project near Primm, NV, Corvus Ecological Consulting worked as a subcontractor to Ironwood Consulting, Inc., performing avian resource duties. CEC wrote project-specific management plans including the “Bird and Bat Conservation Strategy.” CEC was also responsible for conducting Avian Point Counts surveys, Migratory Bird Surveys, Golden Eagle Territory Occupancy and Nesting Surveys, Burrowing Owl Surveys, Nesting Raven/ Raptor Surveys, and Preconstruction Nesting Bird Surveys in addition to Incidental Avian Fatality Monitoring.

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Corvus Ecological Consulting, LLC (CEC) is a fully-insured, independently owned biological consulting firm located in Flagstaff Arizona. We are a registered contractor with the California Secretary of State and perform work throughout the southwest, including California and Nevada. CEC is a registered small business through the System for Award Management (SAM).

Raven Project

We are currently seeking qualified ornithologists for the 2018 field season on our Common Raven project in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. See job announcement here.